Microlaena stipoides

Microlaena commonly known as Weeping Grass is a small slender native grass with lime green leaves. Microlaena can be used to create a native lawn. To get the best results plant them about 10cm apart The possibility of a Microleana lawn has inspired the imagination of gardeners seeking a truly native grass lawn. Microleana in its natural wild state forms low growing dense swards of grass covering large areas. Trying to reproduce that effect isn’t easy but can be done given enough time and dedication. Microleana lawns are ideal form shady areas and need very little mowing
Microlaena is naturally found grownig in shady areas of bushlandunder treescan grow in full sun if the plants or lawn is irrigated over summer
Soil Type
Microlaena performs best in soils that are moist during summer heat such as loam and clay loams.