KINGSDALE® Poa poiformis 'PP500'

'Kingsdale' is a bluish-grey variety of Poa poiformis with fine arching foliage. ‘Kingsdale’ resembles Festuca glauca in its habit, except larger. Poa ‘Kingsdale’ makes a fantastic ornamental grass which will contrast well with other plants.

Fine blue, arching to weeping foliage
H: 500mm to 600mm W: 500mm to 600mm
Spring & Summer, in an open panicle to 700mm.
Full sun to 50% part shade. It is perfect for coastal location as it will tolerant seaside conditions. Inland it will handle cold to –10ºC with heavy frost. Some watering over dry summers in inland climates will benefit its appearance.
Soil Type
Free draining sandy loams to clay loams
Trim back to half its foliage height at the end of April each year. Fertilize after trimming to encourage fresh re-growth.
Available Sizes
Tubes & 140mm Pots
Planting Rates
Mass planting; Tubes 5 to 7/m2, Pots 3 to 5/m2 Specimen planting; Tubes 3/m2, Pots 1 to 3/m2