Themeda australis

Themeda australis - 'Kangaroo Grass' (formerly known as Themeda triandra) is a medium size, tufted warm season grass with green foliage turning reddish brown to purple in winter. It is a widely occurring grass and its form changes according to aspect and region. On coastal heath land it is reduced to a prostrate ground cover, in sheltered coastal aspects in will form tall leafy tussocks, and inland it often has shorter growing foliage forming a medium sized clump. Care should be taken when buying Themeda for projects to ensure you get the right form
300mm to 700mm tall X 400mm to 500mm wide
Full sun to 50% shade
Soil Type
A wide range of soil types from sandy loam, clay loam and light clays
Trim back at the end of winter, (August), to remove spent flowers and older foliage
Available Sizes
Tubes (we can grow larger sizes to order)
Planting Rates
Tubes 5 to 7/m2