Strappy Leaf Plants

What are Strappy Leaf Plants? 

Strappy Leaf Plants are often thought of as Native Grasses but are not true grasses in the botanical sense. Bluedale's range of Strappy Leaf Plants include species such as Lomandra & Dianella. Both of these Strappy Leaf Plant varieties, and in particular the improved cultivars of Lomandra and Dianella, have increasingly become favourites of Landscape Designers and Landscape Gardeners alike.

Designing with Strappy Leaf Plants.

Strappy Leaf Plants add great foliage effects to any landscape style and are at home in public, commercial and domestic gardens. Many leading Landscape Architects and Designers have found the combination of Strappy Leaf Plants mixed with Native Landscape Grasses form fantastic foliage contrasts. A good planting ratio that has worked well on many projects is a combination of 75% Strappy Leaf Plants to 25% Landscape Grasses.