KATIE BELLES™ Lomandra hystrix 'LHBYF'

Lomandra hystrix 'Katie Belles' has lush, large arching lime green foliage. It is a full sized variety of Lomandra hystrix perfect for situations where you may need screening on roadsides, commercial landscapes, public gardens and high end residential gardens.

Lush, soft, large arching lime green foliage.
H: 1.3 metres to 1.8 metres. W: 1 metre to 1.3 metres
Spring, Summer, Autumn with large non spiky perfumed yellow male flowers. It does not produce seed. Katie Belles oftens flowers twice in the season.
Katie Belles will grow in full sun and in up to 90% shade, although it will flower better with more sun. Suited to protected coastal aspects, Katie Belles will have no humidity issues that can cause problems for some Lomandra varieties. Perfect for wet shady aspects along as well as non irrigated gardens. In inland climates it will survive cold to –3ºc, but will do best when protected from heavy frost. Watering over hot dry summers will maintain its lush appearance.
Soil Type
Mulched sandy loam soils, clay loam and moist light and heavy clay soils.
To remove old foliage or reduce its height, trim back in spring to half its height every 3 to 5 years, if needed. Fertilize with slow release fertilizer after trimming.
Available Sizes
140mm Pots only
Planting Rates
Mass planting; Pots 3/m2 Specimen planting; Pots 1/m2