Lomandra hystrix

Lomandra hystrix naturally grows on the edge of fresh and brackish water creeks, swamps, rivers and in moist gullies. It tolerates dry conditions, but does better in climates with summer rainfall or with top up summer watering. Ideal for moist soils.
H: 1 metre to 1.5 metres W: 1 metre to 1.5 metres
Spring & Summer with openly arranged yellow flowers amongst, and slightly above, the foliage.
Lomandra hystrix will grow in complete full sun and also up to 90% full shade, hystrix is one of the most shade tolerant Lomandra varieties. It needs a sheltered coastal aspect with protection from sea winds and is tolerant of high humidity. It will grow inland in frost free micro climates, it handles cold to –1ºC & very light frost.
Soil Type
Loams and clay loam to clay.
Trim foliage by half in spring every 3 to 5 years, if needed. Fertilize with slow release.
Available Sizes
Tubes & 140mm Pots
Planting Rates
Mass planting; Tubes 5 to 7/m2, Pots 3 to 5/m2 Specimen planting; Tubes 3/m2, Pots 1 to 3/m2