Lomandra longifolia ‘Katrinus’

Lomandra longifolia ‘Katrinus’ is a tough hardy plant that has been a favourite of designers and gardeners for well over a decade due to it's uniform habit and reliability. Katrinus is shorter than many common forms of Lomandra, which makes it ideal for roadside planting, commercial landscapes and compact home gardens. Very drought tolerant needing no watering once established.
H: 800mm to 1 metre W: 1 metre to 1.2 metres
Spring & Summer with yellow medium sized flower spikes held within the foliage.
Katrinus grows best in full sun and up to 50% shade. It is suited to coastal planting where it can handle coastal winds. It grows well in inland climates where it can handle cold and frost to –7ºC with very little leaf burn.
Soil Type
It is suited to a wide range of soils from sandy loam, clay loam and heavy clay soils.
Trim only when needed by cutting back foliage to 300mm above the ground. Fertilize once a year with slow release fertilizer and after trimming to encourage fresh re-growth.
Available Sizes
Viro-tubes & 140mm Pots
Planting Rates
Mass planting; Viro-tubes 5 to 7/m2, Pots 3 to 5/m2 Specimen planting; Viro-tubes 3/m2, Pots 1 to 3/m2