Juncus usitatus

Juncus usitatus is an upright sedge with a tussock habit that naturally grows along fresh water creeks, dams and seepages. Juncus makes a great landscape sedge. It has green cylindrical foliage, with tones of copper in winter making it a good accent plant.
H: 800mm to 1 metre W: 300mm to 500mm
Spring & Summer with small yellowish tassel flower heads near the top of the stems.
Full sun to 50% shade. Protected coastal aspects are best. Inland it can handle cold & frost to –10ºC.
Soil Type
Wide range: wet sandy loam to wet/dry clay loam.
Trim back to ground level very 2 to 3 years. Fertilize with slow release fertilizer after trimming.
Available Sizes
Tubes. We can grow larger sizes to contract order.
Planting Rates
Mass planting; 5 to 7/m2, Specimen planting; 3 to 5/m2