Restio pallens

Restio pallens makes an attractive feature plant for wet and dry applications, with its upright lime green and reddish brown banded reed like foliage. Restio pallens can be used as a specimen or mass planted to achieve a great foliage effect.

Upright lime green and reddish brown banded reed like foliage
H: 1 metre W: 500mm to 700mm
Spring & Summer with terminal flowers.
Full sun to 50% shade. Good for protected coastal aspects. In inland climates grow in a protected micro-climate free from frost.
Soil Type
Sandy loam, peaty loams, wet to dry soils.
Trimming is rarely needed, but if so, remove old foliage or cut back to 100—200mm above the ground. Fertilize with slow release fertilizer after trimming to encourage fresh re-growth.
Available Sizes
140mm Pots
Planting Rates
Mass planting; 5 to 7/m2, Specimen planting; 1—3/m2