Gahnia sieberiana

Gahnia sieberiana - 'Red-Fruit Saw Sedge', forms a very large tussock that will make the ideal screening plant. Like G. clarkei, it to is best kept away from pedestrian traffic as it has serrated edged leaves that can cut the skin. It is great in wet and dry areas of the landscape.

Very large tussock with scabrous foliage that is light green on the upper surface and glaucous on the under surface
H: 1.5 metres to 2 metres W: 1.5 to 2 metres
Late Spring & Summer with 500mm to 700mm long large black flowers with seed heads that produce small orange-red to red ovoid seeds.
Full sun to 50% shade. Protected coastal aspects. It will grow in inland climates where it will handle cold and frost to –10ºC. Gahnia sieberana is a very tough drought tolerant plant.
Soil Type
Sandy loam, silt loam
Trimming is rarely needed, but if so reduce the foliage by half in spring. Fertilize with slow release fertilizer after trimming.
Available Sizes
Planting Rates
Mass planting; 1 to 3/m2, Specimen planting; 1—2 per 2m2