TWIZZLER® Lepironia articulata 'LA20'

'Twizzler' Lepironia articulata LA20 - a cultivar of Lepironia articulata, a fresh water Macrophyte that grows in ephemeral swamps, from 100mm—1m deep. 'Twizzler' has tortured, glaucous cylindrical foliage which makes it an eye catching feature and would become a talking point in any garden. 'Twizzler' is a great pot or planter box plant, great for water features and is ideal for Rain Gardens and Constructed Wetlands. Because of its twisted foliage it grows shorter than the common form, (which can grow to 3 metres tall), perfect for small Constructed Wetlands.
H: 1 to 1.3 metres W: 600mm to 700mm
Spring—Summer—Autumn with brown 30—40mm conical seed head.
Grows in full sun to 70% shade. Best used in protected coastal aspects. Lepironia is a species that grows naturally on the coast, however, ‘Twizzler’ will also thrive in inland climates and remain evergreen to –5º, but may burn under heavy frost.
Soil Type
A wide range, from sandy & clay loam, water logged soils and heavy clay soils.
Every 2-3 years in spring. Trim back foliage to 100mm above the ground.
Available Sizes
Tubes, 140—200mm Pots.
Planting Rates
Mass planting: 5—7/m2, Specimen planting: 1—3/m2