Philydrum lanuginosum

Philydrum lanuginosum, Wooly Frogs Mouth, named after the resemblance of its flower to that of an open frog's mouth. Philydrum is an emergent aquatic perennial that occurs along the margins of fresh water creeks, rivers, dams, lagoons and boggy areas. It is wide spread on the coast and northern inland areas. As a shorter lived perennial it will naturally transition in and out of the environment as it dies and self seeds.

Clumping plant with lime green soft spongy, upright foliage that develops reddish tones with age and in cooler temperatures.
H: Foliage 500mm to 700mm W: 500mm to 600mm
Attractive yellow flowers in spring and summer reaching 1.5m.
Full sun to 50% shade. Coast and inland climates.
Available Sizes
Planting Rates
Mass planting; 5/m2